Registration & Info

Registration Process and Attendance

Registration is based upon the referral of the Resource Teacher from Radisson Park Elementary or if you live in the Albert Park/ Radisson Heights Area. If a child is returning to CASP at the starting of the school year, a parent/guardian will register him/her at the end of June. A newsletter will confirm the date in June. If there is space left, new families may register their child on the first day of school. You can fill out the registration form and read the parent handbook ahead of time using the links below.

  1. Download and Read the CASP Parent Handbook
  2. Download and fill out the Registration Form
  3. Return the Registration Form and final page of the Parent Handbook to Corina Kung

Because of the need for our After-School Program and we only have limited space, we will call to confirm if the child is accepted in CASP or not. If there is a lack of space for a child they can be put on a wait list. We must stay in ratio with our staff and meet the needs of the children.

PLEASE NOTE the families who are the priority are those who need our services for ALL the following reasons:

  1. Children will be at CASP 4-5 days a week and will stay until 5pm.
  2. Families who have no one home between the hours of 3:00pm- 5:00pm to care for their child(ren) 4-5 days a week.
  3. Families who live in the Albert Park/Radisson Heights Community.
  4. Families who may need financial assistance for childcare and may be eligible for Childcare Subsidy.

We strongly encourage you to apply for Childcare Subsidy. The staff can help you fill out the childcare subsidy forms during registration or you can go on-line. If you are unfamiliar with the Alberta Child Care Subsidy program, please ask or go to Alberta Child Care Subsidy

If you only send your child for 3 or less days and/or consistently pick up your child before 5:00pm, you MAY be terminated from our program. Our purpose is to help families who need our services 4-5 days a week from 3pm-5:30pm. Because we have a wide variety of activities we strongly suggest you let your child stay until 5pm or they will miss out. We are not a free drop-in center for your children to come and go, but an AfterSchool Program. Thank you for understanding and your cooperation.