About Us

The philosophy of the Grace Baptist Childcare Centre is to facilitate the individual child’s natural development in the physical, emotional, intellectual, creative, and spiritual areas.

This development is made possible in an environment where trust, respect, security, caring, open communication and shared decision making are valued. Teachers, in co-operation with parents and children, will work to provide the most effective education possible.

We, at Grace Baptist Childcare Centre, believe that all children can learn and that they do so at different rates. We believe that children’s learning is enhanced when:

  • They are actively engaged in their own learning
  • Learning is application oriented and involved hands on experience
  • Appropriate risk taking is encouraged
  • They are involved in relevant and meaningful experiences
  • They are engaged in a variety of teaching and learning processes

As our program is consistent with the principles of the Grace Baptist Church, we believe that children’s moral growth is enhanced when:

  • They are taught that the Bible is God’s inspired word and love and respect for it is developed
  • The desire to know and obey the will of God is encouraged
  • The children are encouraged to treat everyone with love and respect since others are also made in God’s image
  • Bible stories and songs are used in order to foster an awareness of God’s love for us