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Our Story

Grace Baptist Church was founded on June 30, 1912 with 21 German immigrants. The church community spoke German and was known as “Deutsche Baptisten Geminde” – the German Baptist Church. In 1941 the name was changed to Riverside Baptist, and later to Bridgeland Baptist. The founders’ pioneering spirits live on in the fact that it is the mother or grandmother church of all NAB Churches in the city of Calgary – a total of 9.

oldchurch_smallThe church has been through five building projects and relocations. The first was a small building located on Marsh Road N.E. In 1940 a second building was established on 8th Street N.E. and a third in 1952 on the same site. In 1975, Grace Baptist relocated and a fourth building was established on Maryvale Drive N.E., with a seating capacity of about 450 people. The church community grew and the facilities quickly became inadequate.

The present facility, located at 2670 Radcliffe Drive S.E., overlooks the city core on Memorial Drive. Adjacent to the Franklin Street LRT station, it was built in 1989. In the fall of 2000, the church began a building program to construct additional space including another chapel, a youth centre, conference facilities, and many classrooms for children and families.

The goal of our current facility is to help create an environment that inspires us to love and live like Jesus in our building, in our community, in our city and in our world.