The City of Calgary has reinstated Covid restrictions.  As a church we have kept certain guidelines in place to coincide with these restrictions:

  • Masks are required to be worn inside the building of Grace Baptist Church until further notice.
  • The pews are marked with 6 foot physical distancing "markers" and every other pew is closed. This is to allow everyone to choose their own co-hort seating. 
  • Grace Baptist Church continues to practice strict cleaning and sanitizing procedures in the building as we have done since the beginning of the pandemic. 
  • We do encourage individuals who may be feeling unwell to please stay home and take care of themselves and come back when they are fully recovered.
  • Our services are in-person and live streamed.  For the live stream, you can connect to that on the home page here on the website. It begins at 10:30am Sundays, hosted on YouTube. After the service is done, it will be posted as a recording and you will be able to access it after the Sunday service and during the week under the "Worship Service" tab or the "Sermon" button. 

This has been an unprecedented time in history and we thank everyone for their grace, understanding and patience.  God has been with us and has been faithful through it all. We give Him all the glory!

If you would like to receive our weekly updates and information via our weekly email, please email and let us know. Or check out our Events or News tabs here on the website.