June 2020

We are living in times that cause us to have to adjust how we do what we do. The Grace Baptist Church building is currently closed. As a community of faith, we are still having a service every week online. If you are on our "all church" email list, this link is sent to you or it is posted weekly on our website. These online services have a message from God’s Word and we are led in worship by one of our Grace Baptist Church family members from their homes. We also have had some additional "extras" for those special days of the year.


Various small groups and ministries are connecting via Zoom, email, text, Facebook and other social media. We have an "all church" email that goes out to the Grace Baptist Church family during the week. Our giving is being done by mail, electronic fund transfers (EFTs) or by online giving through our website. There are also some who are dropping off their giving at the church during the week on Mondays from 10AM until 1PM and Tuesdays from 4PM until 6PM. If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact Pastor Harry.


We know that there will be changes and adjustments made as the federal and provincial governments give us guidelines for meeting publicly. We are committed to staying safe and using the guidelines that have been developed by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. This includes using physical distancing and group size guidelines. As things change, we will post the adjustments that we are making on the Grace Baptist Church website. Our wish is that all stay safe and well and that we continue to minister as a church family in whatever capacity God gives us the opportunity.