The City of Calgary has now lifted Covid restrictions.  As a church we have kept certain options in place to help individuals transition and adjust at a more comfortable pace:

  • Although masks are not required, you may feel more comfortable to continue wearing one and are welcome to do so.
  • Registration is no longer required and we look forward to having all who want to attend!
  • The pews will remain marked for physical distancing with green tape. This is to allow those who need more time to transition at their own pace and at their own comfort level to do so. 
  • We are not offering nursery or our children’s ministry program at this time due to the summer break.  We do look forward to programs starting up again in the fall.
  • We are not taking an offering in the service yet but you can still drop off your giving envelope in the baskets in the foyer. 
  • We will continue to live stream our services.  You will find that button on the home page here on the website and it begins at 10:30am Sundays, hosted on YouTube. After the service is done, it will be posted as a recording and you will be able to access it after the Sunday service and during the week under the "Worship Service" tab or "Sermon" button. 

This has been an unprecedented time in history and we thank everyone for their grace, understanding and patience.  God has been with us and has been faithful through it all. We give Him all the glory!

If you would like to receive our weekly updates and information via our weekly email, please email and let us know.