On September 13, Grace Baptist Church re-opened for public services. As we resume our in-person services, our priority is to provide as much of a safe and healthy environment as we can. The following is the protocol that we have implemented:

  • You need to wear a face mask or face covering at all times in the GBC building.
  • We will ask you to call or email and let us know that you are coming. Please register by the evening of the Thursday before the Sunday service you are wanting to attend.
  • To register, send an email to gbc@gbccalgary.com or phone 403-235-3636 extension #23.  Please include your name (first and last name) and the number of people in your household that will be attending. 
  • The outside doors to the GBC building will be opened at 10:20am.
  • There will be two lines to enter the building through the front door. These lines will go to the two respective sides of the sanctuary.
  • The pews are marked for physical distancing with green tape. You will sit with your back to the tape. Every other pew is not to be sat in. Move as far over as possible towards the centre aisle when you sit down. The centre aisle will be roped off and not to be used. 
  • Depending on the size of your household, you may need to move into the area of a second tape mark. This is perfectly fine. We would ask you not to cross over in front of others. 
  • As we re-open, there is currently no singing but we hope to be able to do this in the future. We are not offering nursery or our children’s ministry program at this time.
  • We are not take an offering in the service but you can drop off your giving envelope in the  baskets in the foyer as you leave, after the service.
  • After the service you will be dismissed row by row, from the back to the front.
  • Greet one another with a wave and a word as you enter and exit and in the parking lot. We would ask that you seek to maintain physical distancing of two metres at all times. 
  • We will continue recording the service and posting it online. This will be posted on Sunday  afternoon.

If you would like to drop off your donation or offering at the church, please do so on Mondays from 10:00am until 4:00pm. The other giving options are: You can give on Sunday at church. You can give online through our website. You can set up an Electric Fund Transfer or send your donation in by mail.

We know that there will be changes and adjustments made as the federal and provincial governments give us guidelines for meeting publicly. We are committed to staying safe and using the guidelines that have been developed by the federal, provincial, and municipal governments. As things change, we will post the adjustments that we are making on the Grace Baptist Church website. Our prayer is that all stay safe and well and that we continue to minister as a church family in whatever capacity God gives us the opportunity.