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The GBC App

About the GBC App

What can the GBC App do for you?  It can:

  • show you upcoming events
  • give you paperless bulletins for the Sunday worship services
  • let you listen to past sermons
  • connect you to our pastors
  • connect you to our Facebook groups
  • connect you to our Prayer Chain
  • suggest podcasts to subscribe to (don’t use Apple’s “Podcasts” app — it doesn’t work!)
  • help you memorize verses in the Bible
  • suggest useful apps (such as Bibles and podcast apps) that either you may like or that it may need to extend its functionality

Three-Tap Installation Instructions*

The GBC App is a web app, which means that it’s universal and will run on practically any device with almost every web browser.  It also means that it isn’t available in Google Play, iTunes, BlackBerry World or the Windows Phone Store and must be installed manually from your device’s web browser.

The GBC App can be installed with just three taps* (exactly what to tap depends on the device and the web browser).

*These instructions apply to the vast majority of devices, but aren’t exhaustive.  Your particular device and web browser may behave slightly differently, but the procedure is more or less the same.

  1. Open this page ( in your device’s web browser (Apple users must use Safari).
  2. Prepare to Install  ⇐ Tap this button.  The app will appear in a new tab so that you can revisit these instructions if necessary.
  3. Tap (or press) either the Menu, Share or More button to open the browser’s menu.
    • On Android devices, the Menu button is below the screen and next to the Home button (appearance varies widely).  It may be dark or invisible until it’s been pressed.
    • On Apple devices, the Share button looks like shareButtoniOS6 or shareButtoniOS7.
    • On BlackBerry devices with keyboards, the Menu button is at the top of the keyboard and looks like menuButtonBBKeyboard.
    • On most other devices and browsers, the More button looks like moreButtonWindowsBB10 or moreButtonWindowsMobile.
  4. Tap Add to Home Screen or Pin to Start on the browser’s menu.  You may be given the opportunity to customize the app’s appearance on the home screen — there is usually no need to change the default settings.

That’s it!  If you can see the GBC icon on your home screen then the app has been installed.